Road Upgrade Leads to Training Regional Long-Term Unemployed

The Port Wakefield to Port Augusta (PW2PA) Alliance has collaborated with Intract and TAFE SA to deliver Certificate II in Civil Construction training; providing a pathway to better futures for long-term unemployed Aboriginal workgroups.

PW2PA, Intract and TAFE SA have partnered to provide 16 long-term unemployed Indigenous people with the opportunity to complete a Certificate II in Civil Construction. 

The participants also have the unique opportunity to complete their training onsite at the Port Wakefield Overpass and Highway Duplication Project; giving them rare and valuable insight into the workings of a live construction site.

The 16 week training program will also deliver a number of components from the Certificate III in Civil Construction, giving participants the opportunity to continue their training, and potentially undertake an apprenticeship.

All participants are Aboriginal, long-term unemployed, and are travelling from Point Pearce and Adelaide to Pt Wakefield each day to participate in the training.

In order to deliver this valuable initiative, PW2PA and Intract undertook extensive community consultation through information sessions, workshops and meetings with the Point Pearce Community, Point Pearce Council, Narungga Nations and TAFE SA.

PW2PA detailed their desire to provide those with barriers to employment with pathways for better futures in their Workforce Development Management Plan, and a close working relationship with Intract highlighted the opportunity to facilitate upskilling regional, long-term unemployed Aboriginal workgroups.

Intract Chief Executive Officer, John Briggs, explained that getting this valuable program off the ground was a massive joint effort.

“PW2PA had a clear goal to provide opportunities for those with barriers to education and employment, and our strong connections with the local community helped identify this group. A lot of people put in a lot of time and hard work, but we pulled it together and now have 16 Indigenous people getting the chance to make a real change to their future,” he said.

Many hours of planning and collaborative meetings with Intract and TAFE SA to develop this training package has come to fruition with training having commenced on May 10, 2021. PW2PA is proud to be involved by providing the space, equipment and support to facilitate this important training initiative.

PW2PA Alliance General Manager, Dallas Keane, explained that CPB has a focus on providing staff with opportunities to further develop their skills and build rewarding and fulfilling careers, and the PW2PA team wanted to extend that beyond CPB.

“This is a great opportunity for us to leave a lasting legacy after the Port Wakefield Overpass and Highway Duplication is complete. Not only are we delivering an important infrastructure project for the local and wider community. We are providing a group of people facing employment barriers with training, skills and experience that can make a real difference to their futures,” he said.