New plans for Port Wakefield follow PW2PA project.

As the PW2PA team completes its small list of remaining works in Port Wakefield township, a large new set of local projects are about to start up.

Following the PW2PA project which has provided safer intersections, better highway flow and easier access for visitors, Wakefield Regional Council is aiming to invest up to $4 million in further improving the township’s attractions.

Its main thoroughfare, Edward Street, is the focus of an upgrade which currently includes improved town entry and wayfinding signage, indigenous street art, greening of the street and a paved plaza/ civic centre area with adjacent parklet.

The Council’s Economic Development & Grants Coordinator, Les Pearson, said plans include linking this upgraded precinct to a popular local swimming spot.

Responding to community requests to have its Tidal Pool dredged, the Council has widened the  project scope with projected federal and state grant funds to include refurbishment of the former RSL building at the Tidal Pool for future commercial use and a new adventure themed playground.

Mr Pearson added that, as a separate initiative, the RAA has installed 4 EV charging stations on Burra Street close to the entry to the Caravan Park.

“We’re really working on sharpening up the town entry, town centre and Tidal Pool area as the first stage,” he said.

“The PW2PA project was a major driver behind Council’s decision to proceed with plan development and upgrades for the township.”

Mayor Rodney Reid has confirmed: “Activating Port Wakefield as a tourism and lifestyle destination remains at the centre of this year’s plan.”

Image Caption: Port Wakefield township – showing the new two-lane highway, landscaping and left turn onto Edward Street – site of the planned visitor- and local-friendly precinct leading to a popular swimming spot.