Indigenous Artwork on the Move in Port Wakefield and Port Augusta

CPB Contractors commissioned a young Ngarrindjeri artist, Jordan Lovegrove, to create Indigenous artwork that represents CPB’s commitment to the Reconciliation Action Plan program. 

The artwork is depicting the relationship between CPB Contractors and its partners, clients and communities and has been used to wrap two PW2P) Alliance site vehicles – one based in Port Wakefield and the other based in Port Augusta.

Jordan’s artwork incorporates a large tree with the carved patterning to represent CPB Contractors, with the company’s principles – Integrity, Accountability, Innovation and Delivery – visualised by the four meeting places under the tree branches.

Underpinning everything that CPB does is safety, which is shown in the large patterned circle surrounding the tree.

Partners and clients are depicted through the pathways and the meeting places, with dot patterns weaving through to connect the different communities and people the company connects with to help drive economic growth and provide vital long-term infrastructure.

CPB believes they have a responsibility to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples continue to share in and benefit from the training, employment and business opportunities available through their work and projects.

PW2PA Alliance General Manager, Dallas Keane, explained that CPB’s formal commitment to reconciliation through the Reconciliation Action Plan is vital to reinforcing CPB’s vision to build sustainable partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

“Formalising our relationship with Reconciliation Australia is an important step in creating lasting relationships that make people the priority, embrace diversity and utilise the deep cultural and spiritual values of this country’s past to help build a better future,” he said.