Whyalla concrete company employs ten additional staff and engages local contractors to fulfill road upgrade contract

Whyalla Precast was contracted to cast, supply and deliver 21 precast concrete headstock shells for the Joy Baluch AM Bridge Duplication Project in Port Augusta.

As a result of this contract, Whyalla Precast was able to employ an additional ten staff members, as well as engage a range of other local suppliers, providing a much appreciated boost for the local economy.

Whyalla Precast worked closely with the PW2PA Alliance to ensure their product was of the highest quality and was delivered to meet pivotal project timelines.

Whyalla Precast has been producing precast and site-cast concrete structures since 1992. Their ability to combine in situ concrete, site-cast and precast elements into one project gave them a comprehensive understanding of the project requirements.

“During our initial discussions, right through to production of the final headstock, the PW2PA Alliance made us aware that they had complete confidence in our ability to work with them to produce the highest quality headstock shells for the project.

“Early complexities around fitting all the various components into the limited space available, were overcome as a team, and it was never a case of “just do it”!

“That set the tone for the rest of the job, and I must commend the Alliance for their ongoing support and admire their absolute insistence on quality. It makes us proud to be associated with this project,” Peter Fulton, Director – Whyalla Precast, said.

Works commenced in March 2021, and Whyalla Precast has now produced all 21 headstocks, which weigh between 30 and 33 tonnes each.

Importantly, all Whyalla Precast labour for the headstock contract was Whyalla-based. The headstock contract for the Joy Baluch AM Bridge Duplication Project has allowed the company to create ten long- and short-term local jobs, including provision of employment opportunities for two Indigenous persons, two women and one long-term unemployed person, all of whom are part of the PW2PA Alliance target groups. Whyalla Precast has also been able to upskill one employee as part of this project.

Collaboration with Whyalla Precast forms part of the PW2PA Alliance’s commitment to working with local suppliers and creating employment opportunities in the region.