PW2PA Port Wakefield Overpass artist impression November 2020
4. Aerial View of the Port Wakefield Overpass Construction Site (May 2021)
10. First Bridge Beam Install for the New Port Wakefield Overpass (July 2021)
16. Last Bridge Beam Installed on the New Port Wakefield Overpass (August 2021)

Port Wakefield Overpass & Highway Duplication

Project Overview

The Australian and South Australian governments have committed $124.5 million ($99.6 million from the Australia Government and $24.9 million from the South Australian Government) for the Port Wakefield Overpass and Highway Duplication Project. The Port Wakefield Overpass and Highway Duplication Project will reduce traffic congestion on two important State Highways and improve road safety on one of the State’s key intersections.

Port Wakefield Highway typically carries nearly 9,000 vehicles per day through the town of Port Wakefield, however this can double during holiday periods. The town, located approximately 100km from Adelaide, offers travellers to the Yorke Peninsula and the northern area of the State one of the few opportunities to stop, refuel and refresh before continuing their journey. The surrounding community also support the numerous local businesses that line the Highway and in turn they support local employment.

The significant growth in holiday period traffic volumes also increases the potential for accidents to occur at the intersection between the Augusta Highway/Port Wakefield Highway and the Copper Coast Highway – the main road link to the Yorke Peninsula. The increase in traffic volumes at this intersection, particularly southbound traffic traveling from the Yorke Peninsula via the Cooper Coast Highway, leads to long queues, significant delays and an increase in driver frustration and risk taking.  The construction of an overpass and connecting ramps for vehicles using the Copper Coast Highway, will remove conflict points, reduce these queues and delays and dramatically improve safety at the intersection.The current design builds on the previous concept designs developed by DPTI and released in August 2018, revised in January 2019, September 2019 and November 2019 following feedback from the community and local stakeholders. It makes further improvements based on feedback from stakeholders and the wider community to give the best possible outcome and a cost-effective solution.The evolution of the concept design includes:
  • Two lanes in each direction through the Port Wakefield township with provisions for safe U-turn movements
  • A two-lane carriageway for northbound vehicles through the Port Wakefield township, allowing for increased parking and landscaping opportunities, as well as safer vehicle and pedestrian movements
  • A second two lane carriageway for southbound vehicles running behind the service stations. This additional carriageway will give flexibility to allow traffic to run in both directions on one other carriageway in the event of an incident
  • A realigned Balaklava Road intersection with the new southbound Port Wakefield Highway, allowing for safer turn movements for the large vehicles that often use Balaklava Road
  • A new bridge and a replacement of the existing bridge across the Wakefield River
  • A new two-lane overpass for traffic travelling southbound from the Copper Coast Highway to Port Wakefield, and for traffic travelling along the Augusta Highway to the Copper Coast Highway. This will maintain all existing movements at the intersection but greatly improve safety
  • The new overpass will remove all hazardous at-grade turn movements at the intersection of the Augusta Highway/Port Wakefield Highway and Copper Coast Highway
  • Improved parking, urban design and landscaping within the township to increase the attractiveness for travellers to stop and spend time.
Taken together these improvements will provide a safer road environment for all users of these key routes in regional South Australia.As part of the delivery of urban design elements and artworks for the project, the Alliance will collaborate with Aboriginal stakeholder groups, Port Augusta City Council and key stakeholders in the design and implementation of cultural elements to strengthen local identity, cultural respect and interpretation of place.
Additional project information can be found on the Department for Infrastructure and Transport website


Estimated Date
Early works (preliminary investigations)
Site establishment
Construction commences
Final design (excluding urban design aspects)
Port Wakefield overpass opening
Mid 2022
Port Wakefield town centre works completed
Late 2022
Project completed
Late 2022

Project Updates

September 2021

April 2021

October 2020

August 2020

Work Notices

Copper Coast Traffic Switch Notice - November 2021

Port Wakefield Night Works Notice - October 2021

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Port Wakefield Night Works Notice - August 2021

Phillips Road- Night Works and Changed Access

Night works – traffic barrier relocation and line marking – July 2021

Night works – Installation of Stormwater Infrastructure – June 2021

Port Wakefield Highway junction with Balaklava Road upgrade – Changed traffic arrangements – May 2021

Pedestrian Detour Notification – March 2021

Fact Sheets

Piling works

Designs & Artist Impressions

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Fast Facts


$124.5 Million Port Wakefield Overpass and Highway Duplication Project is jointly funded by the Australian and South Australian Governments


Improved safety for all road users
Improved traffic flow during peak travel times
Improved freight productivity


On street parking
Pedestrian facilities


72,900m2 of pavement
14,800 tonnes of asphalt
5,800m concrete barriers
342,000m3 of earthworks
2,000m3 concrete
340 tonnes of reinforced concrete

Vehicle Use

16,000 vehicles per day during peak periods – 21% are heavy vehicles

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