The PW2PA Alliance proudly supports businesses in Port Augusta.

Known as the “Crossroads”, Port Augusta provides a welcome respite for travellers and long-haul freight transporters coming from the four cardinal directions, and is a popular holiday destination. Whether you are just passing through, wanting to stay overnight or linger longer, Port Augusta has you covered.

With a wide range of products and services on offer, local businesses will cater to your every need, whether it is simply refuelling, stocking up on supplies, resting and having a coffee or a meal; wanting to go on a heritage walk to learn about the history of the Aboriginal people who have inhabited the lands surrounding Port Augusta for over 40,000 years; or looking to have a unique dining or holiday experience.

Explore the local business listings below by clicking on individual website and Facebook links.

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The PW2PA business directory is dedicated to businesses in proximity to PW2PA Alliance construction activities. For a comprehensive business directory, please visit Business Port Augusta.




Cedrent Vehicle Hire (Enterprise)

Phone: 0497 603 223
Address: 1 Eyre Highway, Port Augusta West, SA 5700
Facebook: Australia

Electrical Discounters

Phone: 8641 0044
Address: 41 Tassie Street, Port Augusta, SA 5700
Facebook: Discounters

OTR Port Augusta West

Phone: 8200 5767
Address: 2-4 Eyre Highway, Port Augusta, SA 5700
Facebook: Port Augusta West

Western Hotel

Phone: 8642 2781
Address: 10 Loudon Road, Port Augusta West, SA 5700
Facebook: Hotel


Helloworld Travel 

Phone: 8642 2781
Address: 31a Flinders Terrace, Port Augusta, SA 5700
Website: Helloworld Port Augusta – Home


Auto Pro 

Phone: 7628 3400
Address: 2-3 41 Tassies Street, Port Augusta, SA 5700
Website: Auto Pro Port Augusta