Joy Baluch AM Bridge Community Event

The PW2PA Alliance invites you to walk over the newly refurbished Joy Baluch AM Bridge ahead of it reopening to traffic.

The official opening will take place at 6.30pm, followed by a parade featuring:

  • Over 250 local school students and official delegates
  • Port Augusta Vehicle Restorers Club
  • Motorcycle clubs representatives
  • Roving performers
  • Emergency services

The Shared Use Path will be open from 6pm for the community to watch the parade.

At the conclusion of the parade, you are also welcome to walk the bridge.

Please join the celebration which includes:

  • Project giveaways
  • Family-friendly entertainment
  • Free hot dogs and ice cream
  • Food and drinks available for purchase

To find out more, please call 1300 161 407 or email