Lower Eyre Peninsula Overtaking Lanes

Project Overview

The Australian and South Australian governments have committed $32 million as part of the Roads of Strategic Importance initiative to upgrade Lower Eyre Peninsula roads, following the closure of the Eyre Peninsula Rail Network.

The funding was split across a number of priority projects, including the construction of a total of four overtaking lanes on Lincoln Highway, Flinders Highway and Western Approach Road, with further work being undertaken to explore the opportunity to improve overtaking on the Tod Highway.

Closure of the Eyre Peninsula Rail Network in 2019 now requires agricultural produce to be transported by road to redistribution nodes or ports, which has increased the dependence on selected roads. Improvements aim to address safety and efficiency of transport on these routes.

Provision of additional overtaking lanes in key locations on the most affected roads of Lower Eyre Peninsula will help reduce the impacts on the road network. This will result in improved road safety, freight productivity and efficiency for road users, including holidaymakers travelling to seaside towns along the same transport corridors as heavy vehicles.

The overtaking lanes the Alliance has constructed are located on:

  • Lincoln Highway (southbound), south of Tumby Bay;
  • Lincoln Highway (northbound), near Louth Bay;
  • Western Approach Road (southbound), at the junction with Pine Freezers Road, near Port Lincoln; and 
  • Flinders Highway (southbound), at the junction with Tod Highway.

The Alliance has also upgraded the following two intersections as part of the project:

  • Pine Freezers Road and Western Approach Road; and
  • Flinders Highway and Tod Highway.

Temporary repair works were undertaken on Flinders Highway and Western Approach Road in January 2023, with further works completed in early June 2023, outside the harvest season.

As a result of recent heavy rain, remediation works are now being undertaken on a section of Flinders Highway near the junction with Tod Highway at Pearlah. 

Further monitoring of the road surface will continue throughout winter and additional remediation works will be undertaken, if required, at the following locations:

  • Western Approach Road (southbound overtaking lane near Port Lincoln); and
  • Flinders Highway (southbound overtaking lane at the junction with Tod Highway at Pearlah).



Estimated Date
Final design
Construction and remediation works
In progress
Project completed

Project Updates

November 2023

October 2022

September 2021

Works Notices

Remediation Works - Flinders Highway and Western Approach Road - November 2023

Remediation Works - Flinders Highway and Western Approach Road - June 2023

Remediation Works - Western Approach Road - March 2023

Temporary Road Closure - Schramms Road - May 2021

Temporary Road Closure - Nootina Road - March 2021

Construction Commencement - February 2021


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Fast Facts


$32 million is the total budget for priority road projects on Lower Eyre Peninsula


Improved safety for all road users
Improved efficiency
Improved freight productivity