Dublin Saleyard Access Upgrade

Project Overview

The Australian and South Australian governments have committed $11 million ($8.8 million from the Australian Government and $2.2 million from the South Australian Government) as part of the SA Rural Roads Package to upgrade access for higher productivity vehicles (triple road trains) to the South Australian Livestock Exchange (Dublin Saleyard), located on Carslake Road, Dublin.

As part of the project, which was completed in 2022, the Port Wakefield Highway junction with Carslake Road was upgraded, and Carslake Road widened (for a distance of approximately 2.2 kilometres) between Port Wakefield Highway and the South Australian Livestock Exchange, including entrance upgrade.

This project has also allowed future provision for use of up to 53.5-metre-long triple road trains from Port Wakefield Highway to Dublin Saleyard and helped further improve road safety (particularly, at the junction of Port Wakefield Highway with Carslake Road), freight productivity (by providing access for high productivity vehicles to the South Australian Livestock Exchange) and efficiency for road users along the National Land Transport Network.

It is expected that the project will serve as a catalyst for the development of other quality compatible businesses, such as those with a focus on food processing, packing and manufacturing, along Carslake Road which carries an average of 210 vehicles per day.

The project was delivered by both the Department for Infrastructure and Transport and the Adelaide Plains Council. 


Estimated Date
Final design
Construction commenced
Project completed

Project Updates

September 2021

Works Notices

Changed Traffic Arrangements – Carslake Road – August 2021

Construction Commencement – February 2021

Fast Facts


$11 million Dublin Saleyard Access Upgrade Project, jointly funded by the Australian and South Australian governments


Improved safety for all road users
Improved efficiency
Improved freight productivity

Vehicle Use

10,100 vehicles travelling on Port Wakefield Highway at the junction with Carslake Road per day
210 vehicles per day on Carslake Road


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